Top quality warehouse and storage facility located in Copenhagen and Randers near Aarhus. We offer storage of: furniture, medical equipment, packaging materials etc..

25.000 m2 Warehouse

Thortrans Warehouse

Warehousing different needs, different cost

We have 25,000 m2 of insulated storage space. Here we can store all types of goods; furniture, packaging, machines, cars, boats, documents, archives and we also have space for store items outside.

All items are scanned and input to our computer systems, and we continuously monitor moist levels, in order to ensure the best conditions for your goods and/or other things.

Our staff have many years experience of handling goods with care, and that fact ensures that you get high quality warehousing.

Our warehouse offers

  • Warehousing on pallets or rent a set space in m2.
  • Variable cost for variable needs.
  • Flexible rent agreements. You can cancel when you no longer have the need.
  • Easy and straight forward storage and professional service.
  • Small or large furniture storage - when you need it.
  • Load and unload with privacy and respect for your belongings.
  • Webshop warehousing. We pack and deliver to the end user.
  • Repackaging - location of order items - packaging - quality control.
  • Larger storage in periods of large sales.
  • Assembly of furniture before delivery.
  • Unload using a vacuum lifter.
  • Unload using a conveyor belt.
  • Unload using a fork lift.
  • Rent office space.

If you are in need of a professional and secure warehouse in Denmark, please don't hesitate to contact us at Thortrans.

Warehouse location: Eriksvej 22, DK-8960 Randers SØ, Denmark.


Lars Thomas Kristensen
Phone: +45 8710 4145
Mobile:+45 2516 5401
Fax: +45 8640 8570

Our goal is not necessarily to be the largest, but to be the best.

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