The story about CON WAY

Om Con Way Furniture Transport

The company was started by Ib Emil Hansen in 1970. He originally had a background in the shipping industry. At that time he was director of Lehman, which was one of the first companies to use containers and got the agency for containers already in 1967-68. At that time, it was a special department as not all ports in the world had container facilities.

His new company, which at that time (1971-72) was called Interfragt, built special boxes for shipping furniture on ships. The knowledge he got for the industry meant that the company developed into general transportation of furniture. Soon after, the company changed its name to CON WAY (containers and road transport) to get a unique name.

Since then, the company has moved several times and has been in Brabrand, Århus Nord and Tilst before it came to Randers in 2011.

The company has been in the family's ownership until 1-11-2012 where his son Henrik Friis Hansen chose to sell his shares in the company to a long-standing partner Thortrans.

Over the years, CON WAY has been running in a large number of countries across the continent and in Scandinavia. CON WAY has for all the years concentrated on transporting furniture, kitchens and home furnishings.