Book a transport running on HVO Diesel

Book a transport running on HVO Diesel
Transport med HVO Biodiesel

Book a transport that runs on HVO biodiesel.
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HVO biodiesel is much cleaner to burn compared to the fossil B7 diesel. It is made from biologically sustainable material, a large part of which originates from waste products.

"YX's Bio100 HVO Diesel is part of the sector's solution for limiting climate impact, as the fuel is produced from 100% renewable biological raw material. When using Bio100 HVO diesel, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 90% compared to traditional diesel."


Unfortunately, HVO biodiesel is approximately twice as expensive, and in some cases it can also have a slightly lower performance than traditional diesel. But when we have to transport something from A to B, the fuel costs only amount to approx. 20% of the price for you as a customer with the regular B7 diesel. So overall, your transport costs will only increase between 20-25%, by choosing to have your transport needs covered in a far more environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

How we ensure that your transport are running on HVO Diesel

Unfortunately, we cannot run exclusively on HVO diesel partly due to the price and the infrastructure. Fortunately, you can mix B7 diesel and HOV diesel, retaining the good properties of HVO diesel.

Therefore, there are several options for how we ensure that your additional expenditure on HVO diesel goes to a better environment.

  • If you book in a timely fashion, we can ensure that there is the appropriate amount of HVO diesel in the tank.
    You contribute to a larger percentage of the fuel we use overall being HVO diesel. In other words; it is not just your transport that benefits from the diesel, but we guarantee that we purchase the amount of HVO diesel that your transport would have used, after which it is part of our total fleet's fuel.
  • Again, if we know in sufficient time, and your order is large enough for it to be practically possible, we can run our lorry(s) exclusively on HVO diesel. 

Here you can clearly see the difference between HVO biodiesel and the traditional B7 fossil diesel.

Book a HVO diesel transport

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