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Guardian and Thortrans

In co-operation offers Guardian G-8 fabric protection

At Thortrans we offer warehousing facilities and logistics for a large number of furniture stores and furniture makers from around the world.
Because of this, we have a Guardian section with a spray cabin and a drying cabin. Therefor we can offer professional Guardian G-8 fabric protection of the highest quality.

Thortrans & Guardian

How does it work?

  • We can pickup or receive directly from store or supplier.
  • We treat the furniture with Guardian G-8 fabric protection at our high quality facility.
  • We ensure the correct drying time of at least 24 hours.
  • We guarantee that the treatment has been done correctly.
  • We ensure that furniture that has been treated with Guardian G-8 fabric protection comes with a certifikat.
  • We deliver the furniture to a store or to a warehouse.
  • We can also deliver directly to the end user.

Have you bought a sofa, but it has not gotten a fabric protection treatment. No problem. Give us a call, and we will give your a price on home pickup, Guardian G-8 fabric protection treatment and home delivery.

The sofa is often the heart of the home. It is the gathering point for the whole family, and this is where we experience all the sweet moments together. We throw it into it on a long day, we watch TV, eat both dinner and party, and we dance around it for the weekend festivities.

A fabric sofa can easily get stains, with Guardian G-8 impregnation you have a guarantee these stains can be easily removed again.
This ensures that your sofa stays neat and the fabric can be cleaned.

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