Environmental policy

Thortrans and the environment

At Thortrans, we want to do as much as possible to promote the green agenda in everything we do as a company. Here is a snippet about what we do specifically to fulfill our goals:

All our employees must be aware of what we can do to protect and make the environmental impact as small as possible. Everyone in the company takes responsibility for ensuring that we use as little energy as possible and treat all waste environmentally correct.

We focus on a healthy and safe working environment for our employees and others who come in connection with the company's activities.

We focus on reducing electricity, heating and water consumption in all buildings. We are constanly in dialogue with business partners, industry organizations and authorities in regards to the company's environmental work.

Our drivers

Our Drivers are all trained in fuel efficient driving, and are constantly working to reduce their consumption of fuel, to reduce the cost and environmental impact.

The ongoing training of drivers also contributes to increasing road safety.

We carefully measure each lorry's fuel consumption, and our customers can get information on exactly how much their specifik transport has consumed in regards to fuel and the associated CO2 emissions.

Our vehicles

Our vehicles have a built-in idle module, which is a program that ensures that they do not idle for more than one minute and use unnecessary fuel. This is in accordance with the idle regulation, which applies in all major cities.

We ensure that the vehicles always have the optimum tire pressure to reduce fuel consumption and wear on tires. All newly purchased vehicles have wireless tire pressure monitoring.

Our lorrys are programmed not to drive over 85 km / h.

All newly purchased vehicles must at least meet the EURO 6 standard.

Garage and wash

The garage is equipped with solar cells on the roof. The solar cells supply most of the power we use in the workshop, but we still save on the power consumption; appliances that are not in use are switched off.
In our vehicle wash we use environmentally friendly soaps and water-saving nozzles to minimize water consumption and protect the environment as much as possible.

Environmentally hazardous waste

In our garage we sort all environmentally hazardous waste in seperate containers. This waste is subsequently destroyed according to the legislation: Metals are recycled and old oil collected and cleaned for recycling.
Oils, batteries, spray cans and brake linings are treated according to special regulations. Waste water is cleaned by an oil separator, which is a tank that separates the oil from the water, which is emptied by the municipality.

All other waste is sorted into the right containers.

Warehouse and distribution center

We have a lighting system that automatically dims the lights.

We turn off electrical appliances if they are not in use or are charging.

We sort our waste in accordance with the municipalitie's guidelines and regulations

We recycle defective wooden pallets

One use pallets are either repaired or used for manufactoring fireplace fuel

EUR pallets is shipped off to be repaired or for re-usage.


We save electricity. Computers and other appliances is put on put on standby or shut off when not in use.

Climate Saver©is a system that automatically shuts off power to appliances that's not in use.

We sort our waste, and recycle everything that can be recycled. Waste paper is collected and shipped off to be recycled, or used as note paper.

We only print in the event that the information can't be send or stored digitally.

Electronic invoices. We send our customers their invoce via email. This reduces our paper consumption, and instantly delivers the invoice to the correct person.

Electronic waste is sorted in order for it to be recycled or disposed of correctly

As a Thortrans customer, you are a customer at a transport company that thinks green and which delivers environmentally correct and green logistics.

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