Wood chips / firewood

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Woodchips for heat and gardens 

The advantage of our recycling strategy for you is; that the cost of getting rid of defective pallets is reduced considerably if you compared it to renting a scrap container. So all in all it's good for your business and for the environment.

Thortrans - Firewood and Wood Chips

Retro Wood chips

We make wood chips and we call them Retro-Træflis (Retro wood chips). These wood chips are made of the surplus wood from our production. The wood chips are made from mixed surplus wood, and is great for use in you garden.
We can deliver Retro-Træflis directly to you in a big bag on a pallet. Then you can easily spread it in you garden.
You can also pick Retro-Træflis up from our warehouse. We will put it in your trailer, and then you transport it home yourself.

Stoker Chips

Stoker Chips is an assortment of crushed wood types.You can use them as fuel in your Stoker Furnace.
12 m3 Stoker Chips is the equivalent of 1000 litres of oil, but the cost of Stoker Chips are only half of what oil will cost you.


We also make briquettes. You can buy the wood briquettes in a bag or get them delivered on a pallet at you house. The wood briquettes are made of surplus wood.


Firewood is surplus wood which is cut into 30-35 cm long pieces, and can be purchased in whole cubic meters = 1 m3, The calorific value of 1 ton dry wood is approx. equivalent to 500 liters of oil.
The firewood Thortrans seller is made of 100% recycled wood, ie. wood that has been used for something else before we make it burn. It benefits the environment as we do not burden the forests with wood felling which is made directly for firewood.

Refundable deposits

On our bigbags there are a refundable deposit. The more times we can recycle a big bag for wood chips, the more we benefit the environment.
A 1000 liter big bag costs DKK 40. If you get your big bag delivered on a pallet then this pallet costs DKK 65.
You get the deposit back when we get pallet or bigbag delivered back.

Our scrap wood is not waste, but recyclable via upcycling

Wood and defective pallets pickup

We can pickup your defective pallets at a pre agreed price. In order for us to do this, we need you to have the pallets stacked in a stabil fashion and bound together so we can transport them with a forklift.
We repair the repairable, and the rest we crush the wood in order for the wood to be recycled as a variety of products. In other words; nothing is wasted but becomes a useful commodity.

Do you have some pallets you want to get rid of, then we will gladly pick them up.


Anette Grønbech: +45 9139 9103 or ag@thortrans.dk
Lars Thomas Kristensen: +45 2516 5401 or lars@thortrans.dk

The environment

The surplus wood from our production is crushed and made into wood chips or fireplace fuel of various sorts. In other words; there is no environmental impact from this proces.

The iron from the nails, screws and brackets etc., is sorted and shipped off to be recycled - as well.