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ConWay International Furniture Logistics - delivery to shops and private homes every week in the Nordic countries

For more than 50 years Thortrans and ConWay Furniture Transport has provided international distribution of furniture, kitchens, inventory and other types of home furnishings

We have always stuck exclusively to being a furniture transporter which has a personal and individual cooperative relationship with our customers.

We keep up our traditions of good service by having the staff answering our phones be broadly involved in the business, which enables them to answer most enquiries.

We deliver furniture directly to and from several types of customers such as shops, factories, private households, auctions and construction companies. Furthermore, we do furniture transports for private customers such as home relocations, so if you have a private moving abroad, or moving to Denmark, then Conway can solve your removal / moving job.

We offer:

  • We ship weekly trucks with furniture transport to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
  • We have experienced drivers who are used to transporting furniture, and have great knowledge of how to handle furniture deliveries to the end consumer.
  • We make contact to the customer and makes an appointment and everything else that makes sure that ensures that your customer a quality delivery experience.
  • We offer direct delivery to the end user with our own vehicles in Denmark, Norway og Sweden.
  • We offer return cargo trips from Norway and Sweden to Denmark and the Continent for example we have trips from Oslo, Bergen and Stockholm and every friday.
  • We offer Transport of kitchens directly to private homes in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
  • We offer furniture transport to northern Norway
  • We offer furniture logistics world wide through our partners.
  • We offer furniture transport to and from auctions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
  • We offer relocation services to private consumers to Norway and Sweden from Denmark.
  • We offer relocation services to private consumers to Denmark from Norway and Sweden.
  • We offer customs services

We have custom made Trucks designed for furniture transport. For an example we have special furniture lorrys with tail lifts and other specialized equipment. We use Danish drivers, and many of them have driven in same areas in Norway and Sweden for many years,

We use specially designed furniture trucks with tail lift, insulated boxes and other specialized equipment, and Danish drivers, many of whom have been driving in the same areas in Norway or Sweden for many years.


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