Our responsibility for sustainability - ESG, CSR & UN's goals

... a natural part of our business


Sustainability goals - ESG, CSR & UN

Thortrans | Thortrans ascribes great importance to responsibility towards people and the environment. We work every day with sustainability and utilization of the resources we have in the company, we save on our diesel consumption, and thus reduce our CO2 emissions. Responsibility towards the environment is in our DNA. Thortrans has received the CSR Award in Randers. Thortrans employs citizens with reduced working capacity. Thortrans provides sustainable logistics. Thortrans has founded a social economic fund that works with people and recycling. Thortrans has established a fund which reduces, among other things, plastic waste in nature.


GROW is a calculation of our impact on communal impact.



Sustainability pays off both for our earth, its people and financially. We create synergy and coherence.



We are making constant developments in regards to environmental gains and sustainability. 


UN's Goals

The UN's global goals are a good guideline for making our Earth a better place. Our initiatives include...



For us it is important that the employees has easy and unhindered communications with management and vice versa. 

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Work environment

A good working environment is one of the important cornerstones of a healthy and successful company.


GROW - a communal responsibility

GROW is an expression or rather a calculation for a given company's social or communal sustainability. It is also a non-profit organization that seeks to help people who may not fit into regular employment get a job.

Since its start in 1972, Thortrans has chosen to take a social responsibility and also employ people on the edge of the labor market, as the years have passed, this has only been reinforced.

In February 2023, Thortrans had 45 so-called social employments which correspond to 20.73% of our total employments. The 45 social employments contribute to society with a minimum value of DKK 10,019,098.

GROW - has two foundational calculations

...for how a company fares in relation to social sustainability. Or as the UN's Global Goals describe it, "Decent jobs and economic growth".

The first is a number for how much money our social employments have of value to society. And we must say that we are quite proud to have created a value of over DKK 10,000,000 in 2022/2023.

On top of that, we also see all our employees as a major value creator in the company: Both in terms of social and working environment, but also all people who are beneficial the overall bottom line for the company.

(The small print on the picture:
"The social sustainability calculator estimates the minimum benefit that the company contributes to society when they hire people from the fringes of the labor market. The calculation is approved by the audit firm Deloitte. ")

The second parameter is the Speedogram.

This scores the company on how many percent of employees are employed in the so-called social jobs.

Like the above, we are very proud to have received the best score that can be given: Very Good.

Two numbers that have real world meaning

Behind our 45 workers in social jobs, there are of course 45 people, each with their own life. We will argue that Thortrans as a company contributes to making these people's lives better. And vice versa, the 45 different personalities help to create a really good working environment, together with the other employees and the management.

Of course, we have managers and our two directors, and sometimes difficult decisions have to be made on the company's behalf. But from the outset, we have a rather flat management structure, which contributes to there being room for all the people who make up the company and business Thortrans.

Social initiatives and recognitions

In December 2016, Thortrans, together with the association Jysk Børneforsorg / Fredehjem and the independent institution Strømmen, founded the social economic fund "Gold and Green Forests" or more correctly the GOGGS fund.

The foundation was set up to create jobs for people with reduced work ability and the socially disadvantaged, and the profits from the foundation's work must go to charitable purposes.

The foundation runs the thrift store Finderiet. All the employees are people who would not fit a regular job situation. The lunch café Mad & Mad, which makes a healthier alternative to the more traditional take away and fast food.

Thortrans offers all customers a collaboration where they can donate their surplus furniture or similar items to Finderiet. This helps to benefit the environment, and help create jobs for people who would otherwise have hard time finding work.

In November 2017, Thortrans was awarded Randers municipality's CSR certificate.
The CSR certificate is awarded as recognition of the company's overall efforts and contribution to creating an accommodating labor market in Randers Municipality. Read more here.

In April 2018, Thortrans won the Danish Transport Award as growth company of the year. We received the award, among other things, for having created growth and thus jobs ... also for people who have not had the same opportunities as others.

In August 2023, we again recieved Randers municipality's CSR award/certificate 2023-2024. Lars Kristensen on Facebook puts it this way:
"A big THANK YOU to Randers Municipality for this recognition and an equally big THANK YOU to our employees who help to create the framework for Thortrans A/S is one of the companies in Randers that receives this recognition." Link to the FB post


We are constantly developing on what we do on the environmental front, and we consider ourselves to be first movers in our industry when it comes to sustainability and environmental initiatives. Each of us must be aware of what we can do to protect the environment from impact from our business. Being environmentally friendly will never be a competition at Thortrans. With us, the environment is part of our DNA.

  • We focus on reducing electricity, heat and water consumption in all buildings.
  • We are testing new fuels in our trucks.
  • We have an open dialogue with business partners, industry organizations and authorities about the company's environmental work.

The Danish Business Authority's inspiration guide

We are very proud that the Danish Business Authority has used Thortrans as a case study in their inspiration guide to help Danish companies reduce CO2 emissions in the value chain. You will find us here on page 20.

HVO diesel - a sustainable fuel

Although the fuel is currently twice as expensive as the corresponding fossil product, we believe that this type of biodiesel is part of the future. A future where lorry transport can be made much better for the environment.

"More environmentally and climate-friendly diesel. Reduces smoke generation, reduces particle and NOx emissions (up to 33%) and provides a CO2 saving of up to 90% compared to ordinary diesel. Bio100 HVO is based on vegetable oils, animal fat or residual products from, among other things, the forest and food industry. Does not contain palm oil or residual waste from palm oil"

(Source in Danish: https://erhverv.unoxmobility.dk/truck
vedr. Uno-X- Bio100 HVO Diesel)

Lorries and Drivers

We are constantly working on reducing the burden of lorry transport on both the environment and society.

  • Our drivers are educated in fuel efficient driving.
  • The fuel consumption of each individual lorry/transport is accurately measured, and every week we publish last week's consumption to our drivers. Which inspires to be constantly aware of less fuel consumption and thereby less CO2 emissions.
  • Our lorries have several systems that ensure that we drive as fuel efficient as possible:
    • Consumption, service and tachograph download via. online data exchange
    • All cars are equipped with pda, email and navigation systems
    • New cars are equipped with distance radar, with stop and go, PPC, "Predictive Powertrain Control" intelligent cruise control, cyclist camera.
    • The tire pressure is always kept optimal ... on newer cars we have wireless tire pressure monitoring.
    • All trucks are electronically limited to being able to drive max. 85 km/h
    • All newly purchased trucks comply with EURO 6
    • Trip planning and communication - all trips are geocoded to ensure the most efficient route.
  • Our lorries and trailers run only on retreaded traction tires, bogie tires and trailer tires. Retreaded truck tires reduce CO2 load by 40% and material consumption by 70%. It is good for the environment and ensures circular recycling. Used tires are sent for recycling.

Our workshop and warehouses are equipped with solarpanels.
The solarpanels supply most ot the electricity we use. But we still save on the power consumption, with automatic power switch off on devices that are not in use.

In April 2016, we installed a new truck wash. In our truck wash we use environmentally friendly soaps and water-saving nozzles, to minimize water consumption and protect the environment as much as possible.

Thortrans ressource center

99% recycling of our waste

In the Thortrans Ressource center we sort and recycle our waste.  Everything that can be recycled or re-used is used. 

That is why we are 99% waste neutral, measured by weight.
We recycle wood, cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and much more internally at Thortrans Resource Center.
The Thortrans Resource Center is 500 m2 equipped with special machines that make it possible to recycle the quantities that have previously been sent for incineration.
The key to recycling is source sorting.

Source sorting is a principle for waste sorting, which means that the waste is sorted at the place where it is produced, before it is further processed. Sorting is typically done into fractions based on the type of material or hazard - e.g. glass, paper, "chemicals" etc. Waste that does not fall into a special fraction through this sorting is called residual waste.

CO2 Accounting

Our recycling of waste means that we reduce our CO2 emissions. We have a blockchain system under development that will make the CO2 that is saved easier to handle as a sort of crypto currency. The model shown on this page, despite its simplicity, is a good picture of how the system and our resource recycling works.

Electricity, heat & water - a shared responsibility

Everyone in the company helps to ensure that we only use the resources that are necessary. And we have an open dialogue with business partners, industry organizations and authorities about the company's environmental work.

How to make sure that our goals are kept:

  • LED lamps and light control system - we have a system that dims the light automatically, and we use LED lighting in all installations in warehouses, workshops and offices.
  • Electric Trucks - all our trucks in our operation and in our warehouse run on electricity.
  • We save on electricity - computers and other devices are put on standby when they are not in use. With Climate Saver© we have a system that automatically shuts off the power to appliances that are not being used. We only print anything on paper that cannot be sent or stored electronically.
  • E-Invoice - we email our invoices to our customers; this reduces the consumption of paper and delivers the invoice quickly to the right person.
  • Electronic communication - Office and drivers can communicate with each other fully electronically, and our transports can be run completely paperless, as our fully integrated customers use "sign on glass" via the drivers' PDAs. Our system can document deliveries with geocodes, and advises customers about delivery by email and SMS.
  • Automated internal processes are controlled by narrow AI so our robot can perform the manual tasks.
  • Solar cells, water saving & environmentally friendly soaps - due to solar cells, our garage and car wash are largely self-sufficient in electricity, and we save water with good environmentally friendly soaps and water-saving nozzles.

An ongoing process

We are constantly improving, and it is part of Thortrans that we are constantly looking for new improvements - in general and in relation to our work with the environment and sustainability.

A selection in chronological order

  • In September 2018, Thortrans Randers A/S became the first logistics company in the world FSC-Recycled certified within recycled products, and at the same time became a member of FSC Denmark. One of the products is a wooden pallet made from heat-treated waste wood. A strong desire to promote the green agenda is behind the decision.
  • In 2019, we bought the first 100% electric powered electric car, which has a range of more than 400 km on one charge. Thortrans today has several electric cars.
  • In 2019, we ran the first test trips where the fuel was HVO Diesel. HVO Biodiesel is a 100% biological diesel oil that largely has the same technical properties as fossil diesel.
  • In 2019, Thortrans co-founded the fund, Global Material & Asset Fund, www.materials.fund The fund aims to ensure sustainable global recycling of the world's resources through circular, traceable recycling of, among other things, plastic which can be marked, tracked and recycled with a unique technology. The Foundation's business plan supports the UN's 17 Global Goals. In the summer of 2023, Thortrans chose to withdraw from the Global Material & Asset Fund to focus on the transport industry.


Thortrans started with Thorbjørn and Lis Kristensen. In other words, a small family business. And even though we have grown a lot since the early start in 1972, we have retained much of the spirit from those days in relation to the management.

At Thortrans, all employees can easily talk to management and vice versa. The flat structure gives us a good working environment where we all know each other. Among other things we have an employee app that is of course used for work purposes, but where there is also room to use it as our own little social media.

This structure and attitude also means that the employees of Thortrans;
- is a large and important part of our goal, towards a more sustainable way of running the transport business.
- look after each other in everyday life.
- by the management running the company in a way where everything is done to ensure job security without compromising.

We believe that a good working environment on all parameters naturally creates greater joy and pride in the individual employee, but also increases our productivity and gives our customers the best possible service.

Danish Transport Award

As an important pat on the back, as mentioned before, Thortrans won the 2018 Danish Transport Award. It has been awarded to us because:

"...the company's strategy has created growth and jobs and made Thortrans one of the leading transport companies in its field." quote from ITD.dk

Lars Kristensen, one of our two directors, stated at the time:

"We are so incredibly proud and happy that we have earned this award. For us, Thortrans is not just a company, it is our passion, and we work hard to deliver quality and good service. At the same time, we also want would like to do something for the environment and for the people who have not had the same opportunities as others. We have done that and at the same time we have created growth and jobs. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for the award, which we naturally will use to get even more good things started for the benefit of both the growth and the employees" quote from ITD.dk

This is still, and will also be in the future, this goal of Thortrans' management.

Lars & Henrik Kristensen
Source: Roadstars - Mercedes Benz


It pays off both for our land, its people and financially.

For the past 50 years, we have created a company that is aware of its responsibility in society, and especially in the local community, and have worked on the best possible solutions for us, so that we can improve the environment in the broadest sense, and create a company that as a workplace is a joy and a benefit to our society.

Naturally, a business is started in order to make money. The power of the bottom line is great, because it is the one that determines whether a company survives. What our more than 50 years of experience tells us, however, is that it pays to think sustainability and responsibility into company operations. Because it creates more than just a nice company profile. This creates a particularly positive synergy in both the local community and the larger community, which also benefits the bottom line.

UN's world goals

In 2015, the UN's Global Goals were adopted. And it has with good reason become the template for acting more sustainably in relation to the environment, animals and people.

Therefore, Thortrans has naturally also looked at which of these targets Thortrans could focus on. Transport companies may find it difficult to deal with sustainability. But instead of seeing problems, we have seen it as something that has created new opportunities for Thortrans, our employees and not least our customers.

Our 9 points of focus - UN's world goals

1. End poverty - By being able to offer people who don't necessarily fit into the so-called normal labor market a meaningful job, we help provide a better income to these people who would otherwise be on a transfer income.

3. Health and well-being - We take good care of each other at Thortrans.

4. Quality education - We do our best to be a really good internship. We offer further training to all employees where there is a desire for it, and it makes sense in relation to the individual and us as a company.

8. Decent jobs and economic growth - We naturally comply with applicable collective agreements. And it is in our company's DNA that we constantly work with new opportunities and thus growth in the company, which, as we see it, benefits everyone: Thortrans, employees and the surrounding community.
(See goal 1, which for us is closely related to this point)

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure - Thortrans has transport as its core area, but we do what we can to think outside the box. Therefore, today we have, among other things, warehousing to let, pick'n'pack service, pallet recycling, and we have e.g. co-initiated the creation of the GOGGS foundation.

In recent years, as can be seen from the above, our focus has been on innovation in the area of the environment and sustainability. And new projects are already in the pipeline.

10. Less inequality - For us, this is connected to goals 1, 4 and 8. If everyone has equal opportunities for education and jobs, where the individual's abilities are taken into account, we will go a long way.

12. Responsible consumption and production - We are constantly working to reduce our consumption of resources. In particular, energy from fossil fuels. We offer transport run on HVO diesel. Our car wash has minimal water consumption and is powered by solar cells. And we have minimal waste due to our resource center. Plus much more.

13. Climate action - Thortrans' action is closely linked to some of the other goals: 9, 12 and 15 specifically. Action must be taken now and not tomorrow, and we believe that we are in full swing. And it's important to emphasize that we can do this and still have a healthy business.

15. Life on land - As a transport company, we have a duty and responsibility to take care of flora and fauna. We do this best by finding alternatives to fossil fuels. And until we are completely on target with that, have as little and clean emissions from the combustion in our lorries' engines as possible.

Work environment

All employees in Thortrans help to create a good working environment, including our work with our social responsibility, which is also touched on in the section on GROW (se above).

We naturally work continuously to adapt and find improvements for and with our employees. Because it is our firm belief that a good working environment is part of our success as a company.

In 2019, Thortrans was named apprenticeship business of the year by HK Privat Østjylland, which showed us from a business partner that we have created a good workplace. The competition was and is organized by HK Østjylland, to focus on the great work that companies do every day, to give students in apprenticeships a good education. So we were naturally very proud to receive this award. As one of our directors, Henrik Kristensen, stated in connection with being given the award:

"We are really happy about the award and that our students have come together to nominate us. It is an obligation, and we have the deepest respect for that."

Read more at Randers Amtsavis og Randersidag.dk.

It is actually quite simple

We focus on a healthy and safe working environment for our employees and others who come into contact with the company's activities. We do this by being in ongoing dialogue with our skilled employees and the relevant partners, including trade unions and the municipality.

Our wish is for Thortrans to be a workplace where you are happy to come to work, and feel that you are treated as a human being and not just a cog in the machinery. As the second of our directors Lars Kristensen has stated, Thortrans is not "just" a company but a passion.