Terms and conditions

These sales and delivery conditions, including the order confirmation and any other contractual documents to which these sales and delivery conditions expressly refer, constitute the entire and sole basis of agreement between Thortrans A/S and the Buyer.

This document have been machine translated. In case of a disagreement Thortrans A/S will always refer to the Danish version of this document.  

Valid from October 2023

Company information

The company's legal name: Thortrans A/S
CVR number: 14322981
Address: Frederiksdalsvej 14, 8940 Randers SW / Eriksvej 22, Randers SØ 8960
Email address: ltk@thortrans.dk
Telephone number: +45 2516 5401
Website & webshop domain: thortrans.dk

These conditions also apply to goods and services purchased through the companies owned by Thortrans A/S: Con Way Furniture Transport ApS, Hvejsel Møbeltransport A/S and Hellerup Flytteforretning & Kunsttransport.
Everywhere in these conditions where Thortrans A/S is mentioned, the above subsidiaries will implicitly have the same conditions, unless otherwise mentioned.

Bank connection

Sparekassen Kronjylland
Tronholmen 1
8960 Randers SØ.
Reg. no. 6186 – account no. 0001392514.

General terms and conditions

Legal notices between Thortrans A/S and the Buyer can be sent by e-mail, and is considered effective when there is a non-automatically generated response or an acknowledgment of receipt, respectively.

Thortrans A/S's failure to enforce or make use of any provision or right that arises as a result of these sales and delivery conditions shall not be considered a waiver of such provision or right, and shall in no way affect Thortrans A/S S right to enforce or make use thereof at a later date.

The buyer agrees that this document replaces all previous written and oral agreements, understandings and obligations with Thortrans A/S regarding the sale and delivery of goods from Thortrans A/S.
If any provision in these terms of sale and delivery proves to be invalid or impossible to enforce, the relevant provision is limited or lapses, then these terms of sale and delivery in all other areas continue to have full validity.

Submitting an offer
In connection with Thortrans A/S making an offer, where the buyer sends tender material with a description of the task, the buyer must mark the parts of the tender material that are important for Thortrans A/S making the offer.

The other tender materials will not be reviewed prior to the submission of the offer, and are thus not valid between the parties.

Payment terms

Payment in the webshop
Payment is made when the order is placed via payment card (VISA or Mastercard) or Mobilepay.

Payment for driving
Payment is made via Invoice, which is sent by email and/or EAN.

The payment terms are payment in advance via invoice, unless other payment terms have been agreed.
If other payment terms have been agreed, this will appear in the written agreement between the parties.

It is a prerequisite for driving, according to the submitted offer and regardless of the agreed start time for the task, that Thortrans A/S can get the customer credit approved and that the customer has no overdue items on his account with Thortrans A/S. Otherwise, Thortrans A/S is entitled to refrain from carrying out the drive in accordance with the submitted offer, and the customer cannot assert a claim in this connection.

If the balance is due, Thortrans A/S is entitled to; to impose interest and charge reminder fees. The default interest is the highest legal default interest rate in Denmark at any given time.
Payments must be made according to the invoice/proforma invoice issued by Thortrans A/S. Payment must be made using the invoice number specified in the comments field on the bank transfer.


Orders are accepted at the prices applicable at the time of delivery. We reserve the right for any price adjustments as well as changes in product specifications, tax changes, printing and image errors, etc.

Prices and delivery conditions are given subject to change until delivery, unless otherwise confirmed in writing by Thortrans A/S. All prices are stated exclusive of VAT and any taxes, as well as 'ex stock'. Transport costs are added to the price.

Regardless of agreed prices, Thortrans A/S is entitled, without further notice, to regulate prices and changes to exchange rates, imports or public taxes from and including the time such taxes come into force.
Prices, which are based on exchange rates between Danish kroner and other currencies, are calculated based on the exchange rate on the date of order confirmation, unless otherwise stated.

Maximum loading/unloading time is 15 minutes for carts/semi-trailers and 15 minutes for solo vehicles, after which the waiting time is calculated. For a total waiting time of more than 180 minutes, the whole day is calculated on hourly wages and any expenses.

In the case of hourly driving with an outlay, the invoice is always for a minimum of 1 hour.

Reservations are made for external price and tax increases.

Prices are excl. diesel fuel surcharge, taxes and VAT. Diesel fuel surcharges are regulated on the basis of ITD's cost index.

Expenses for bridge, ferry, tolls and customs are settled separately, unless otherwise agreed.

The prices are daily prices with the usual reservations for price increases in connection with the oil situation and tax regulations as well as other political/economic interventions that we are currently not aware of.

The prices are based on driving in the time period at 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

When driving outside Denmark, extra costs for special transport documents and customs clearance must be assumed.

Conditions for purchases in the webshop

Thortrans A/S's goods are purchased for consumption, and the buyer is not entitled to wholesale resale or distribution of the goods unless this has been expressly agreed with Thortrans A/S.

The goods must be stored and transported by the buyer in accordance with applicable legislation and in accordance with the instructions that accompany the goods. Further information on this can be found at thortrans.dk.

Delivery in Denmark and abroad

Goods are delivered according to the agreement with the buyer according to the confirmed delivery plan and place.
Orders placed by the buyer are considered binding. Binding orders cannot be terminated or canceled by the buyer without prior written agreement with Thortrans A/S.

Delivery times stated or accepted in order confirmations are indicative. All deliveries are ex stock, unless Thortrans A/S and the buyer expressly agree otherwise.

Handling and processing fee is DKK 85.00. for purchases under DKK 2,000.00 excl. VAT.

If Thortrans A/S has not been informed of an e-mail invoice address or in the event of a lack of EAN no. electronic invoice, an invoicing fee of DKK 35.00 is charged.

In the event of default (actual or anticipated) by the Buyer, Force Majeure (see below) or supplier conditions beyond Thortrans A/S control, Thortrans A/S is entitled to postpone and/or possibly cancel delivery, without liability to the Buyer.

If the shipment is delayed due to delays with the shipping company, Thortrans A/S does not provide compensation. If for some reason the shipment has not arrived, please contact us. A new shipment is not automatically sent.

If good exchange pallets are not exchanged upon delivery, pallets will be invoiced at DKK 95. per PCS. excl. VAT.
Thortrans A/S delivers orders to most EU countries. Typically, a shipment will take 5-10 working days depending on which country the order is to be delivered in.

Goods are originally transported on EUR pallets, unless otherwise agreed, otherwise special prices must be charged.

The journey will take place with trailers and semi-trailers, unless otherwise specified.

If travel is ordered on a different vehicle type than the one offered, the invoicing price will be changed.

Unless otherwise agreed, invoicing is based on the waybill, delivery note or received electronic data.

Acknowledged waybill or photo documentation is valid delivery documentation.

It is always the customer's responsibility to ensure free access and correct transport and address information so that collection/delivery is possible. If this is not met, additional costs must be incurred.

Freight and shipping costs

All shipping costs are paid by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed in the confirmed sales and delivery schedule.

Any estimated shipping costs for e-orders, offers and confirmations are not final, the final shipping cost is only determined when the goods are shipped based on actual weight and volume.

Property relationship

The delivered goods remain the property of Thortrans A/S until payment has been made in full.

The logo, name and sales material from Thortrans A/S are copyrighted and may not be used/distributed/multiplied by anyone other than Thortrans A/S, unless an express agreement on use is entered into with Thortrans A/S.

Force majeure

Thortrans A/S cannot be held responsible for its failure to fulfill obligations, including in the event that Thortrans A/S is prevented from doing so either as a result of events beyond its reasonable control, e.g. fire, flood, war, embargo, strike, unforeseen shortage of goods and materials, delay or interruption of transport, governmental action, act or neglect of the buyer ("Force Majeure"), provided that Thortrans A/S immediately notifies the Buyer thereof and shall use all reasonable means to remedy the Force Majeure Event immediately.


To the extent that the Buyer or other actor becomes aware of trade secrets, new products/initiatives, recipes, data, figures, confidential information about Thortrans A/S or its customers and or business relationships, the Buyer/other actor must keep this information strictly confidential and not misuse these in personal or business terms. Such confidential information may not be copied and/or used for commercial purposes or disclosed to third parties without Thortrans A/S's express and prior consent.

Complaints in general

Errors and defects in a product must be reported to Thortrans A/S immediately. The buyer is obliged to inform Thortrans A/S about missing or damaged goods or packaging within 48 hours of delivery to the Buyer. If the Buyer does not advertise in accordance with the above, the goods are deemed to have met the order placed by the Buyer.

Thortrans A/S always has the right, without undue delay after receiving a complaint, to take back a defective item and or re-deliver the item for full and final rectification of any defect.

The right to complain expires, no matter what, together with the product's declared shelf life, and Thortrans A/S has no responsibility for expired goods which are otherwise delivered with the agreed shelf life.

Thortrans A/S has no responsibility for defects due to circumstances occurring after delivery.

Complaints in connection with purchases by private customers on the thortrans.dk webshop
Special rules apply to sales to private customers: Here the deadline for complaints is extended to 14 days after the customer has received the item.


Delivered goods can only be returned after prior agreement and returns must be notified in writing to Thortrans A/S no later than 48 hours after delivery. If an item is to be credited, Thortrans A/S is entitled to calculate a crediting fee of up to 20% of the invoice value.

Items with a limited shelf life cannot be returned or credited.

If return has not been agreed in writing with Thortrans A/S, Thortrans A/S will reject the receipt. The item must be returned in clean, unbroken and undamaged original packaging. In addition, the original packaging must be protected during return shipping. If this is not met, Thortrans A/S will refuse to take the order back.

The buyer must send the order back to Thortrans A/S without undue delay and no later than 14 days after the buyer has notified Thortrans A/S that the item is being returned. The buyer must bear the direct costs in connection with the return of the goods. When returning, the buyer is responsible for ensuring that the item is properly packed. The buyer bears the risk for the goods from the time the buyer receives the goods until the time of delivery of the goods to Thortrans A/S.

These items cannot be returned
Goods which for health protection or hygiene reasons are sealed and where the seal is broken after delivery. For safety reasons, masks where the packaging is broken cannot
be returned.

Purchased items, logo items, made-to-measure items or other items specially taken home cannot be returned.

Refund of the purchase amount
If an item is returned, the buyer gets back the amount paid to Thortrans A/S. However, no extra costs as a result of the buyer's own choice of a different form of delivery than the form of delivery Thortrans A/S uses. Please note, any shipping surcharges and fees are not refundable.
We withhold the refund until the item has been returned to Thortrans A/S.

Returns in connection with purchases by private customers on the thortrans.dk webshop
When purchasing on the internet, private customers have the right to cancel a purchase within 14 days. However, returns must be agreed with Thortrans A/S before a given item is sent back. It is the buyer who must bear the shipping costs in connection with the return. The item must be returned in the same condition and packaging as when sent to the buyer. If the item is returned with defects or damage, Thortrans A/S reserves the right to fully or partially withhold parts or the entire total purchase price. The purchase price is the given order excl. possible freight, delivery and handling fee.

The same conditions apply as in the above section "These goods cannot be returned", that the goods in question cannot be returned and that the order cannot be canceled once the order has been placed with Thortrans A/S.

Product liability

In the event of hidden defects, or if the delivered product causes damage to the buyer or a third party, Thortrans A/S is not responsible unless it can be documented that the damage is due to error or negligence attributable to Thortrans A/S.


All tasks are carried out in accordance with the Nordic Freight Forwarders Association's General Regulations (NSAB 2015). These provisions limit our liability in connection with loss, deterioration or damage to goods to SDR[1] 8.33 per kg. goods, and for delay up to the freight amount, a maximum of SDR 50,000 for each order.

In the case of storage, the freight forwarder's total liability for damage in one and the same incident is limited to SDR 500,000. Particular attention is drawn to the fact that claims against the freight forwarder expire after 1 year, and that the right of lien includes both current and previous claims. Demand for freight etc. must be paid regardless of the delivery conditions of the trade agreement.

Regardless of the basis of liability, the buyer agrees that Thortrans A/S will not under any circumstances assume responsibility for delay, operating loss, lost profit, or any other indirect or consequential loss on the part of the buyer or his customer, in connection with an order placed by the buyer to Thortrans A/S.
Unless it is finally established by a competent court that Thortrans A/S is liable for compensation for a claim due to gross negligence or intentional conduct, any compensation for loss including be limited to the value of the goods sold by Thortrans A/S to which the claim relates.

[1] SDR Special Drawing Rights, special drawing rights at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The SDR is defined as a basket of currencies consisting of 0.632 dollars, 0.410 euros, 18.4 yen and 0.0903 pounds. (Source)