Assembly / Quality / Shredding service

Quality Control / Assembly / Shredding

We offer assembly and installation service / Quality control

At Thortrans we offet quality control and assemble your furniture etc.. This can happen in our assembly department or in your house. Don't hessitate to contact us, if you need us to assemble your furniture.

Do you need assistance in regards to installions or assembly

Thortrans Assembly - Quality - Shredding Service



  • We offer this service in Denmark
  • Assistance in installations and assemblies
  • Assembly of furniture and delivery to your customer.
  • Clean up after installation and assembly.
  • Internal moving, installation and assembly.
  • Pickup of discarded furniture.
  • Assistance in carrying furniture etc. inside.


  • Control of new goods.
  • control of returned goods.
  • sample checking of warehouses.
  • Repackaging of product with defects.
  • Environmental treatment of furniture to be deposited.
  • Collection of discarded goods with a deposit guarantee.
  • Contact us and let us solve your problem.


  • Rental of lockable shredding containers.
  • Pick-up and delivery containers.
  • Shredding of larger and smaller quantities.
  • High security for you as a customer.
  • Contact us and let's solve your problem.