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Skills are backed by many years of experience

In 2016, Hellerup Flytteforretning & Kunsttransport became a part of Hvejsel Møbeltransport A/S, as part of a generational change.

Hellerup Moving Business & Art Transport is now ready for the future and new tasks.

Hellerup Moving Business is the definition of a family business.

We started in 1917, and literally used horse power to pull the load. In 1932 we switched to automobiles. Then it was Anders Jensen who ran the business.

His son Kaj Jensen took over the management of the company from Anders.

In 1983, Kajs cousin Mogens Jensen became the new head of Hellerup Flytte Forretning. Mogens Jensen ran Hellerup Flytte Forretning until 2016, where Hvejsel Møbel Transport bought the company. Today Hellerup and Hvejsel are a company with proud traditions and high quality is united in a modern company.