Hvejsel Gallery Transport

Gallery transport is a matter of trust, and our safety is always top priority. Hvejsel has branches in Randers and Copenhagen. Contact us today and get an offer.

At Hvejsel we specialize in art transport and thus also gallery transport. Hvejsel has branches in Randers and Copenhagen. Contact us today and get an offer.

Hvejsel Gallery Transport

You can always be safe and secure that Hvejsel handles your art with great care and with respect in the transport to and from a gallery. Hvejsel has for many years specialized in transporting items that require a great deal of expertise and care - including works of art, antiques etc..

We always adapt our transport to your needs. And that is why we can promise you first-class treatment all the way. We have over 25 dedicated staff who ensure that you can safely leave everything to Hvejsel in relation to transporting and handling of your art. We offer transport to and from the gallery in Denmark, as well as International transport of art and antiques.

If you have any questions please call or write us. We realize that works of art can have great value - both monetary and sentimental value. That is why we will always make sure that you can feel completely safe and secure in us handling your art and transporting it to and from a gallery.

There is neither a transport nor a piece of art that is too big or too small. You will find us here.

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Of course, we make every effort to ensure that your transport runs smoothly and without unnecessary hassle. But unfortunately accidents do happen. Hvejsel Møbeltransport, like other carriers, has liability insurance. If you want extra coverage for the value of the goods, you can take out additional insurance with us that covers your belongings. If damage occurs during a private relocation, we will cover per DMF's terms up to DKK 50,000. object / crate. A private move is defined as a move of your belongings from your old residence to your new residence.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will you be on time?
Basically Yes. Of course, we cannot predict everything. But we have a lot of experience with traffic in both Denmark and Europe. This, along with our advanced route planning system, means that we are usually there on time.

Am I nervous that my art will be damaged when it is being transported to and from Gallery?
At Hvejsel, we have many years of experience in transporting art, so we know how to pack and transport art and antiques to and from galleries. We make sure that everything is handled proberly and secure.