About Hvejsel Furniture Transport

Om Hvejsel Møbeltransport

Peace of mind when you move

Hvejsel provides first class moving service to those who want to move fast, easy and carefree. Hvejsel is professional and effective. We are aware of the responsibility it is to handle other people's belongings.

We know that people acquire many things with great values over time - both real values and things with great sentimental value. So when you need to move, you of course want a moving company that will treat these things with respect and a gentle hand. That it what we do at Hvejsel. We can do this because of our experience with all kinds of moving jobs, warehousing and storage . Small and large jobs among each other. Local, domestic and international.

We are constantly developing and testing new aiding devices, and our years of experience, will benefit our customers. We have the right time saving gear and our specially equipped removal vans protects your things as good as possible.

Hvejsel have a moving liability insurance to cover if an accident occurs in accordance with applicable conditions. It is your guarantee that you get a really good service.